Tuesday, July 6, 2010

So what is this eco, reclaimed, recycled materials thing?

Op Shops are the answer - here you can shop shop shop cheap cheap cheap and remake some things from other things - it is called extending life cycle of a produced good or reducing waste. Reducing waste, extending a life of something that was something else once is really good for our environment because in this world there is far too much stuff - think about all the supermarkets just in Bendigo with their full shelves of a range of the same products just too mind boggling - where does all that stuff go? where does it end up? (But best of all buying nothing is very good for our environment)

I also think about the extreme wealth we have as a nation and the extreme poverty that other people just like us endure - it really doesn't make sense.

However - at Knotty Ladies you can start reclaiming some of that stuff and transform it into something else.

Places that you might source your materials from include:

Bendigo op shops
(warning opshopping can become an addiction)

Your mum's or family friends craft stash that they haven't touched in a while & are happy to part with

Check out your wardrobe - is there something in there that you adore but just dont wear any more and are Ok with chopping up - it even could be a table cloth, sheets, tea towl, towl, a jumper that has shrunk in the wash - the list is endless and completely exciting.

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