Thursday, September 23, 2010

Meet a Knotty Lady

Knotty Ladies is all about enjoying getting crafty and meeting other people. Sometimes a month is along time between stitches, so to stay in touch we are postings regular Knotty profiles.

For our first post we are introducing Kristen Beever. Not only is she a stunning hand stitcher (specialising in quilts) she is a successful business woman managing the Business Card Company with her Husband.

You can have a sticky beak of Kristen and myself (TJ) in the last blog post - we were featured in the local newspaper!

TJ : What project are you going to bring to Knotty Ladies this month?
KB:Probably the pink & browns again. I’ve almost finished the main 18 and have only the 12 halves and 4 quarters to go before I start to assemble the quilt top. I want to show Antia (another Knotty Lady) how I’ve used that fabric she kindly gave me last time.

TJ:What is it about hand stitching that you love?
KB:Perfect points and portability.

TJ:Who or what inspires you and your stitching project choices?
KB:Depends; sometimes it’s a block or a pattern that I need to try, other times it’s a fabric that I must use and seek a pattern for. Sometimes it’s a quilter or a quilt. Inspiration comes from everywhere!

Here are two recent quilts. Made for two of Kristen's close friends (who are in turn, close friends) there’s a fair few fabrics that appear in both these quilts.

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