Saturday, October 16, 2010

Introducing Jane Maxfield

The Knotties are meeting lots of wonderful and creative women of Bendigo, this post introduces Jane Maxfield. She creates art, craft and creative writing. Jane writes; "I am slowly getting time where I can do all those things. I need two lives to get through it all!"

At our last get together Jane made a fabric book - here are some images of this handmade treasure.

Jane writes about her stitched book: "I like making books, so with what scraps I had at home I shoved them all in a sewing basket and went. No title as yet, though there will be limited editions."

You can check out more of Jane's work at her web and blog sites

‘Knotty Ladies’ I thought, that is something I would like to adventure into. I want to be a Knotty Lady, don’t you? I liked the sound and the idea that we would be making craft at a market and all for a charity and it’s not about me making the profit it’s about making a difference in someone else’s life.

Cloth, paper, words and pages all create happiness… JM

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