Sunday, March 27, 2011

Meet Knotty Lady Alex

TM: Alex, it was a joy to have found you online but just wonderful to meet you in February at Knotty Ladies.  Please tell us all about  your stitching and knitting practice.

How does your practical making fit in, or come together with your online and business life?

A: I am always crafting, be it knitting or sewing. I guess it is not something I need to make time for. It is something I need to do to feel whole and fulfilled; it has become part of my daily routine, like doing the dishes and cooking.

Having Kids is a great excuse to pick out some great fabric, select a pattern and sew something gorgeous. You are dressing your family after all, right? 

And knitting is something I do all year to keep my hands busy and everyone suitably warm. ZIGOZAGO has really just developed from this passion of dressing my family and keeping them warm and cosy. 

I love to share my finds and discoveries, so having a wool and fabric business just made good sense. I source my supplies mainly because I love them and enjoy using them myself. I test the patterns, the yarn and fabric so that I know that they work and look good. 

Crafting is also a way of being involved in a community. Craft brings women together and through these gatherings, we nourish our souls, connect and develop friendships. Running knitting groups is another element that inspires me and it has become the 'fibre' of my community.

TM: What project are you working on at the moment?

A : I have just finished several knitting projects for my kids. Heading into winter, they all needed cardigans, jumpers and neck warmers. I am also sewing winter PJ's in warm Flannel for them and some samples for the Artist Market. I have also little projects on the needles using the wool I stock. I am also in the process of designing my own knitting patterns. That is something I always wanted to try and hopefully it will lead to another element of my work.

TM: What were your impressions of the Knotty Ladies group?

A: I was thrilled when I heard of the Knotty Ladies group. Meeting other crafters is so inspiring! The conversations range from our craft at hand to parenting and everything in between. I hope it will become a space to share and inspire, a place to unwind with a glass of wine and take our talents from our homes to the wider community.

Thanks Tamara for giving me the opportunity to write down some of my thoughts about my craft and I look forward to many more "Knotties"

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