Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Knotties visit Buda

A little while back three of us Knotty Ladies went to historic Buda Historic Home and Garden in Castlemaine, to take part in one of the Inspired by Buda sessions being offered prior to next year’s Contemporary Textile Awards & Exhibition, which will take place in mid 2012.  (One of the categories for entries is : ‘INSPIRED BY BUDA’ where entries must reflect some aspect of the Buda Historic Home or Garden)

It was a gorgeous, sunny, autumn morning and the session started with morning tea and a talk by Diana, one of the Buda volunteers, about the history of the house and its talented occupants, the Leviny family who came to Australia from Budapest and lived in the house from 1863 ‘til the mid 1970s). We were then allowed to wander through the house and gardens, taking photographs or sketching whatever inspired us, and there was plenty to choose from! The patterns in the carpets and upholstery, monochromatic vases of Honesty, etched ruby glass panels beside the door, leadlight windows, pieces of art from various Australian artists in water colour, linocut, etc, the design of the rooms and the furniture therein. 

Many of the objects in these rooms were crafted by the 5 unmarried Leviney sisters who worked with wood, metal, textiles & embroidery - enamelled dishes, carved wooden furniture, metal and glass light fittings, hand made garments, framed embroidered pieces, etc.

The extensive gardens were also an inspiration with the variety of plantings. The sun enhanced clusters of berries on trees and vines, clumps of strappy leaved plants, interesting conifers, star-shaped bromeliads, a variety of self-seeded offerings clinging to steps and paths and nooks and crannies. Then there was the aviary, the once-upon-a-time tennis pavilion and various other out-buildings associated with storage, etc, the picket fences, the various gates…

Inspiration was everywhere and the time to take it all in on such a sunny morning with like-minded women was a treat indeed.

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