Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Making Inspiration!

Knotty Ladies is on again this coming Tuesday the 28th of August 7.30pm start at the House of Cloth, Bendigo

Are you getting a bit stuck for ideas for making for our Christmas fundraiser?

I have started collecting some inspiration online, and once you get started hopefully you will still have some time to make as there is so much out there!

This funny looking fella was created from a book I found in our local library called Happy gloves : charming softy friends made from colorful gloves (too cute and super easy)

Have you got caught up in the Pinterest craze yet?   You can check out my pins here for Knotty making ideas.  I am thinking soft toys, jewellery, scarves, Christmas decorations, pillow covers, items for babies.

Also there are a million completely free and wonderful (did I mention addictive) blogs out there with great crafting tutorials.  Here a few quick links:


 It is really easy to get started - pop in free tutorial as see what you find!  Please share your ideas on our Facebook page or post on our blog!

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