Monday, November 22, 2010

Introducing Knotty Lady Anita Lowe

Introducing Anita Lowe, a dedicated Knotty Lady, interview with Tamara Marwood.

TM: Knotty ladies is very fortunate to have you coming along as you are new to Bendigo and it was just by chance you heard me speaking about the group on local ABC radio. Who inspired you to first start sewing and what are your all time favorite projects?

AL: My mother sewed clothes for herself and for my sister and me, and she was interested in other crafts as well. I suppose my interest in sewing was nurtured at an early age through Mum’s interests and efforts, though I’m not a competent seamstress. Mum had a beautiful old box which was full of half-finished embroidery projects and skeins of colourful threads that my sister and I used to get out regularly, to admire the hand work and choose favourite colours of the threads and, all these years later, I’m attempting some embroidery myself. I have also been encouraged in my sewing endeavours over the years by a long time friend who is an accomplished seamstress and embroiderer and who has given me lots of lovely gifts with a sewing theme.

I’m not able to choose an all time favourite project but one I’m particularly proud of is a rag book (aprox 20x20cm) I made from calico and fabric scraps for our first grandchild. It was certainly a labour of love and a “one off” project.

TM: I think each time you have come along to Knotty Ladies you have come along with fabric to share with other Knotty Ladies - where do you find these treasures?

AL: Much of the fabric I have has been acquired since I took up patchwork about 5 years ago, though, I do have a collection of fabric that I keep meaning to make in to garments for myself. Somehow, I’m more drawn to making soft furnishings, gifts for friends or quilts and toys for my grandchildren. As well as fabric I have bought for particular projects, I usually buy a small piece of fabric if there is a patchwork shop in towns I visit when I’m on holidays so various pieces remind me of those visits. I’m a fossicker and always on the lookout for interesting fabric, some of which has a story to tell from a previous use such as a curtain or a tablecloth or a would-be dress, perhaps. Op Shops, fetes, markets and the like are good sources for this fabric.

TM: I have had a sneak preview at your lovely sewing you are working on for the Knotty Ladies stall - I will be placing an order - is there a story about some of the fabrics you are using from your stash?

AL: I’m using quite a few pieces of fabric from my patchwork stash. It’s good to have an opportunity to reduce my supply and I enjoy reminiscing about where I bought the material and what other projects the fabric was used for. I recently bought, for $5.00, a bundle of off-cuts of lovely fabric at an interior decorators shop and I hope to have time to turn these pieces into items for the stall. The coat hanger cover is made from an old curtain (image of work at top of blog)

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