Sunday, November 7, 2010

Introducing Knotty Lady Lorraine Marwood

Introducing Lorraine Marwood another Knotty Ladym with Tamara Marwood.

TM : I know that you have been making some cute little dolls with snuggy rugs for Knotty Ladies fund raising stall at Bendigos' first Handmade Market in December. Share with us the story of fabric for these little treasures are made from.

Fabric is always special and although I've always tried to reuse and recycle, I'd never really done a lot about re-using fabric from other areas like dresses- most clothes in my childhood were passed down through four sisters and most in my own children's life time were passed from sibling to sibling. So clothes were nearly always worn out!

I've always sewn- although there was a period in my life when the sewing machine lay dormant- my children were teenagers and not interested in clothes made by mum.

But my grandmother always had fingers busy knitting, crocheting, even when she was sitting watching TV. She turned used envelopes inside out and sent them again- adding a motif from a piece of writing paper( again used). Because I loved her so much I followed her example( although I've never been that desperate to reuse envelopes)

So I've always believed in making the best use of whatever I have and saving money and resources at the same time.

The fabric for the dolls' bodies comes from another writing/crafting friend, Janeen whose friend had stockpiled old family linen and really didn't want it in her garage any more. So Janeen thought of me and the Knotty lady project. So the doll's body is made from cloth table napkins!

I've even tried to capture some of the embroidery on the back of the doll.

TM : As well as crafting you have other amazing creative talents in writing for younger readers, What have been your recent achievements and what are you working on at the moment?

LM : I love writing and detailing in poetry and prose scraps of life. My latest book is 'A Ute picnic and other Australian poems.”

And my verse novel, Star Jumps, set on a dairy farm has been short-listed in the Prime Minister's literary awards in Children's fiction for 2010.

TM: What is the source of your inspiration?

LM: My love of creativity, my Christian beliefs, my need to invent in writing and craft.

I love to share and this is one way I can do this with family and friends.

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